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Phone Cards - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should use prepaid Phone cards?
A: Anyone wanting to make cheap international calls. Typically this might include International callers, business people, students, travellers, payphone users, or those seeking to dramatically reduce their home or business long distance phone bill.

Q: How do I find the best Phone card for the country that I wish to call?
A. The most convenient way is to use our select the country options .

Q: Will I get the PIN instantly to my email ?

A: Yes. If you are buying the card for the first time, you need to wait for a verification call from us or call us at 02 8090 2083 for immediate PIN. This is for security reasons.

Q: Can I call countries not listed here?
A: Yes you can call all countries.

Q: How does a prepaid Phone card / calling card work?
A: * Dial the 'local access number' number from any touch-tone telephone.
* At the voice prompt, enter your PIN number.
* At the next voice prompt, enter your destination phone number.

Upon each use, the caller is told how many minutes are remaining for the pre-determined value of the Phone card purchased.

* To make follow on call press # 2 times for some Phone cards or press * 3 times for some Phone cards and wait for voice prompt.

Q: Do these Phone cards expire?
A: Yes, after 90 days from first use.

Q: Might the rates change during the use of my Phone card?
A: The service provider of these Phone cards reserve the right to change their rates without prior notice. Good Phone card resellers will update their rate tables within a few days of being given official notification about these changes.

Q: Can I usually get through to the countries I need to?
A: Generally speaking the answer is yes. No telecom carrier can guarantee 100% up time, but vast majority of calls get through the first time.

Q: Can I use these cards on my mobile phone to call other countries, and if so how much extra does it cost?
A: Providing that you have a good signal, and the access is available from your mobile, you can use these Phone cards to call other countries on your mobile phone. Your mobile phone operator may however charge you extra.

Q: Should I buy a small Phone card denomination to start?
A: We would always recommend that your first purchase should be for a small value Phone card - say $10 for example. This will allow you to test the Phone card and confirm that you are happy with the results. Once you have done this then you may wish to purchase larger values.

Q. Can I get Mobile Recharge PINS ?

A: Yes. You get all mobile Recharge PINs. To name a few : Lebara, Go Talk , Hello Mobile Recharge PIN s are available.

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