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Customer Testimonials

Thankyou I have a daughter who lives in america and with your phone cards I am able to ring her every day without it costing me a million bucks, you’re a life saver and you bring me closer to my daughter...thnks thnks thnks. My favorite phone card is the one I have now Go Bananas it seems to go on forever and ever. - Daniel

Good range to suit various needs, service is o'k and the quality and prices are very good. My favorite is the Stealth card. - Clara

Bubble Phone Card is the best card of the lot. I would like anyone to try bubble phone card because of the per minute billing. Everytime I call - the amount of how much I paid always add up to the rates and the connection fee. My online purchase also gives me 4 dollars extra. It only cost me $18 to buy the $20 dollars card and they put another 10% on top of it. Thank you. - Charito

Good price, low rates to Romania for example. Phone Me It helped me get through during Holidays when all other carriers were too busy and we could not talk overseas. - Ovi Boaru

Bubble Card is my choice...since i tried buying it at the local news agency for $10 i was very is very clear and very good price.... the Bestphonecards service has been very good too. i recomment this site and bubble to my friends and they now use it too. :)))).. - Victoria

Bubble card is the best card to call to europe~Bestphonecards services are very good and clear, the quality of the calls are tarrific and the price is super good~My favorite card at this moment is the Bubble card. - Rebeccca

I like the GoBananas Phone card because of the reasonable per minute rate but most of all because of no flagfall. It's great. - Garry

Excellent all around - Stealth Card - Bob Laufer

I use Bubble and found its one of the best card. I am highly oblised about your personalised , but quality service and the price is conpetent.~I am pretty good with Bubble Calling Card. - Vineet Dhawan

Fast service, reasonable quality and cheap - Pay Peanuts. - Ioan Szilagyi

Excellent value for my calls to india. pay peanuts and phone me. - Lynn

I was very happy with the speed and reliability of the service I received. Great service, fast and reliable. - Tracey

I use the phone card on the daily basis and value for money is great. - Pradeep

I like the website very much as it is very easy to use and quick. I use bubble card all the time though it says more then 100 mins for India ($20 card) it never gives me that I like the reception though it is very clear for mobile. - Sachin

You sort out problems very quickly and efficiently. I got new pin from you and activated my calling card. Thank you very much for best service - John

you have really very wide variety of phone cards. It is very easy for me to select a calling card from this website as rates and details about the cards are given well. It is really very effective - Ram

I am very glad to be a customer of Because of this website I am able to be in touch with my family members and enjoy speaking with them at very low rates - George

Bestphone cards works very quickly. Whenever I order for any phone card, I receive it very quickly without any time delay. There is no necessity to wait for long time - jhony

I am very happy with my phone bill and i am very pleased with your service .I never expected to have such a large savings .I am very interested to tell to all my friends about Bestphonecrads - sam

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