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How to buy phone cards

Buy phone cards from us now and save

To buy any phone card from us first thing you need to do is get registered with us. For registration click the link "log In" on the home page and on completion of process we send an email containing pin which takes less than 2 minutes for you to complete.

You can buy calling cards from us through credit card, in case if you want to make a direct deposit you can provide your direct deposit details.

Steps to buy a card from Best phone cards:

1. If you are an existing member of bestphonecards enter your email and password and login into     our site on the other hand if you are logging on for first time get registered with us by filling our     registration form.

2. Give your contact details and email id and other details accurately when registering with us so     that it helps us for further verification of your account.

3. If you already have an idea of selecting your calling card select that card from left hand menu     and add it to your shopping cart.

4. You can also select a calling card according to country you wish to call . Just select the country     you need to call from the drop down menu on the home page and you will be displayed with     calling cards list.

5. If you have an idea of selecting a particular phone card then directly select your desired card     from Express Checkout drop down menu on home page and then you will be displayed with that     phone card list in different denominations for your use.

6. Enter your credit card or direct deposit details after adding the calling card to your shopping cart     and selecting quantity of phone cards you want to buy .

7. Once Bestphonecards confirm your details, Pin number will be sent to you through email for     chosen phone card .There will be no delay in time.

8. You can check your past orders, account details and you can add any number of phonecards to     your shopping cart by logging in to our website anytime.

      ShoppersStop ABN 89 946 793 970.
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